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Lynn Hazuki


Artist Actress

Entertainment Business Executive Producer


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She spent her childhood in California, USA, and later grew up in Japan.

Transcending titles and borders, they are launching various projects into the world, creating and constructing a world of entertainment that will write a new history for the sake of the world and the future of the Earth.

Currently, he is not only working as an executive producer in the entertainment business, but is also expanding his activities worldwide as an artist.

葉月りん Lynn Hazuki
葉月りん Lynn Hazuki
葉月りん Lynn Hazuki
葉月りん Lynn Hazuki

Performance Career


The first solo art exhibition will be held.

Dates: May 24, 25, 26, 2024

Venue: Ginza Kanematsu Hall, 5th floor

Time: 10:00~18:00 (13:00~18:00 on the first day only)

Official website


Executive Producer: Lynn Hazuki

[Love Revolution] "As long as you're here, I'll live"

  Art Name: Renee Fayette

Lynn Hazuki is a person who paints a vibrant soul with color.

Please enjoy one person's unique perspective and worldview.


The chemical reaction of love

The rapid advance of the human revolution begins now.

Coming soon.

In Japan🇯🇵, America🇺🇸, France🇫🇷, Chaina🇨🇳.



・The heroine,in the movie "Eternal of Link~To the Future~"

Director: Katsunori Harutahttps ://

Movie "Eternal of Link~To the Future~"

Theme song "To the Future" Theme song and lyrics by Lynn Hazuki

    Composer: Kaoru Wada

We start moving towards a bright future

You're not alone anymore, I'm here

Even if I have to throw away everything, I'll always be by your side

So let's change the future together

It will continue to shine forever

As long as you are I will live


​・Toho movie "Sekigahara" as Main cast

    Director Masato Haradahttps ://

    Original author: Ryotaro Shibahttps ://


Won 10 awards at the 41st Japan Academy Awards



・Movie "Bucket and Me" Main cast

Director: Kazuhiko Ishida

Supported by Agency for Cultural Affairs' Cultural and Arts Promotion Subsidy, Recommended by the Young People's Film Council

・Short Shorts Film Asia entry: "Fragments of Time" as Main cast

Director Yukinori Makabehttps ://

    Made by ROBOT


Asia's largest international short film festival

Winner of the Japan Audience Awardshttps ://

Selected for the Academy Award-certified international short film festival SSFF & ASIA


・Nippon Television drama series "Takane no Hana" 

Screenplay by Shinji Nojimahttps ://


・TBS drama series "You Have a Home to Return

Original author: Naoki Prize-winning author Fumio Yamamotohttps ://


・WOWOW TV drama "Akira to Akira" as Original character

    Original author: Jun Ikeidohttps ://

Winner of the 34th ATP Awards Television Grand Prix


TV commercials

Marumiya Foods Easy to use in the microwave! Rice included series

"Musical Family" Main Cast

TV commercials

Seikyo Shimbun "Words" Heroine' Main cast

TV commercials

Ezaki Glico Seventeen Ice Cream

"Today we're all eating ice cream Main cast

TV commercials

Tokyo Disney Resort Main cast

Starring in "Where dreams come true 'Enjoy your dreams'"


Green House Foods Tonkatsu Shinjuku Saboten

"The Pork Cutlet Fairy Who Descended on the Exam Takers: Crispy Pork Cutlets" starring Main cast


SUCREY "The Maple Mania Story" as the heroine

Directed by Ryo Takebayashi Produced by Tohokushinshahttps ://


Danablu 1st Full Album 『Colors Back』「Beat in Blue」 Starring



Works currently being serialized in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump

Hyper Projection Theater "Haikyu!!" Main Cast

Original author: Haruichi Furudatehttps ://

Produced by Nelke Planning

Merchandise Sales Co. , Ltd. Toho Stella TOHO animation




Hyper Projection Theatre "Haikyu!!"

"The View from the Top 2" Main Cast 

Directed by Wally Kinoshitahttps ://

Music: Shunsuke Wadahttps ://

TOKYO DOME CITY HALL , Miyagi Tagajyo Civic Hall Large Hall, Umeda Arts Theater Drama City, Hyogo Amashin Archaic Hall, Fukuoka Kitakyushu Soleil Hall



    Hyper Projection Theatre "Haikyu!!"

"Battle at the Garbage Dump" main cast 

TOKYO DOME CITY HALL , Osaka Melpark Hall, Hyogo Amashin Archaic Hall, Miyagi Tagajyo Civic Hall Large Hall, Fukuoka Kitakyushu Soleil Hall



Hyper Projection Theatre "Haikyu!!"

"The Strongest Challenger" main cast 

TOKYO DOME CITY HALL , Hyogo Amashin Archaic Hall, Miyagi Tagajyo Civic Hall Large Hall, Fukuoka Kurume City Plaza The Grand Hall, Osaka Melpark Hall, Tokyo Gaisen TOKYO DOME CITY HALL


  Hyper Projection Theatre "Haikyu!!"

"Flight" main cast 

TOKYO DOME CITY HALL , Osaka Melpark Hall, Miyagi Tagajo Civic Hall Hall, Tokyo Kaisen Nippon Seinenkan Hall


Nippon Television Marumiya Foods Broadway Musical

"Annie" main cast: Orphan Duffy

There were about 10,000 applicants for the audition, and the success rate was about 4,500 to 1.

Despite the tough audition process, he managed to win the main cast, the eldest member of the cast.

Winner of the 31st Tony Award for Best Musical

New National Theatre, Umeda Arts Theatrehttps ://



Nippon Television Marumiya Foods Musical "Annie"

Main cast Christmas Performance

Appeared at the New National Theatre for three consecutive years


Guest appearance on "Tokyo Fashion Collection"

Pacifico Yokohamahttps :// : Approximately 20,000 people

Many other appearances

​・Folk Song Awards

・National Folk Song Association Organized National Convention

35th, 36th, and 37th Junior Division 3rd consecutive victory

・National Folk Song Association Organized National Convention

35th and 37th Kanagawa Federation Annual Convention Young People's Division Winner

Many other awards

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